Hello, I'm Jimmy Xander and
I'll make your brand unforgettable.

What You'll Get

I'll always deliver a comprehensive design package for every project.

Beautiful Vector Logo

The cornerstone of any branding project, an unforgettable logo is the single most important brand asset in your arsenal and deserves the most attention. Each project comes with three concepts and 3 rounds of revisions.

Powerful Branding Guidelines

Save thousands of dollars and hundred of hours by utilizing a solid set of branding guidelines allowing your team to quickly and easily create marketing assets for your company at any point in the future.

Quality Animation

Add a huge amount of value to your content by introducing your brand using a simple 10-20 second animation; with advanced special effects and exciting motion graphics.

Clean Source Files

Own your brand, with complete control. All the source files will be at your disposal to make changes or allow your team to render new assets for previously unforeseen opportunities.

Clear Social Media Assets

Be exciting and stay consistent. I'll make sure your brand carries through where-ever you are. A strong social media presence can go a long way to bringing in new customers.

Professional Email Signature

Look sharp with a stylish email signature that helps to create trust, increase brand awareness and add to your personal and corporate credibility.

Pre-Rendered Branding Assets

Why not make it easy? Along with all your source files, I'll deliver a handful of pre-rendered branding assets that will cover most of your regular print and digital needs.

Gorgeous Curated Photography

Engage your audience by creating posts with top of the line photography curated specifically to represent your brand.

Lifetime Consulting

Tap into over a decade of design and branding experience to get new ideas and personalized advice for up to 3 hours a month for the lifetime of our agreement.

Luxury Business Cards

Make a real impression with 100 stunning business cards printed on luxurious 600gsm (32pt) card stock.

Branded Email Addresses

Show you mean business, when you communicate via email, with custom email addresses (name@domain.com) for you and your team.

Simple Email Marketing Setup

Bring them back with email marketing. A strong mailing list is the single most powerful marketing tool any company can have in the digital age.

Exciting Logo Revealer

Wow new customers with video and animation marketing, and make sure your brand is represented with an exciting revealer at the beginning or end of your videos.

Modern Living Logo

Don't underestimate the power of surprise and delight. A simple and subtle animation can go a long way to adding polish and visual interest to any brand identity.

Stylish Landing Page

Open with a bang and impress your visitors with a powerful landing page that allows your brand to really shine.

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Universal Communication

During your project I'll be available any way you want to talk. Wherever you are, I'm there too; skype, slack, hangouts, email, phone, carrier pigeon whatever, wherever, however.

Simple Agreement

In your agreement you won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. I've absolutely no desire to trick you into signing something that you might later regret.

Deep Involvement

While I understand that you hired me partly because you trust my taste and creative vision, I feel it's important for you and your team to be involved in every step of your project. You'll frequently be asked to make key decisions at critical stages along the way and through working together you'll hopefully build a sense of pride and ownership for your new brand.

This guy right here gave me so much more than I was expecting. Amazing work, highly recommended!

Mike of FromShoreToSea

I love the end result and never could have gotten there without his dedication to his craft.

Ruth from NeverstopAudio

Jimmy really came through for me. My logo is outstanding! I love it and I really enjoyed working with him.

Nick from Envy Designs

Total Investment: $4,800

I prefer to keep things simple; no packages, no up-sells, no haggling, just one solid price paid out in three simple installments.
( All payments processed by PayPal™ )

Initial Retainer: 50%

Before starting any project an upfront retainer of $2,400 ( 50% ) will be required, with zero exceptions.

Approval Deposit: 25%

Upon your approval of the branding guidelines a payment of $1,200 ( 25% ) will be requested.

Final Payment: 25%

Before my delivery of all your assets and source files, the remaining balance of $1,200 ( 25% ) should be paid in full.

Why does my branding system cost more money than you were expecting (or less, or exactly the same as)? That's a good question. It’s easy to assume that making a great brand is easier than it looks. But in fact, it takes a great deal of skill, taste, and time to do things well. You can rest assured that not only do I tend to achieve production values comparable to large design firms but you will end up with something which has a market value far greater than the investment you made in this project.

Independent Content Producers - 15% Profit Sharing

I only take on a few of these special projects on at a time as they are a bit risky for me, but I love the spirit of risk-taking that makes great things happen. So, when I work with these clients, I’ll structure a revenue share agreement based on income related to the brand at 15%. This can be great for you if you don't have a lot of capital, and it can be great for me if the investment pays off. If I love what you’re working on, if I know that it’s one-of-a-kind and I like who’s behind it, I’ll work with you as an investment, in exchange for your complete trust in my taste and little bit of money.


So, how do we get started? Well, first, we talk. Send me an email and tell me what you’re working on. No need for a lot of detail—just a few words about your thing and how it’s different than anything before it. I love email and I’ll get back to you sooner than you’d expect.